1. The mission of OHM is to educate the public about the benefits of sustainable, socially impactful and environmentally friendly (green) economic systems, while promoting creativity, socio-technical innovation, and positive action via experimental platforms which recognize and reward individual and collective activities consistent with these values. In support of this mission, OHM will manage a global digital currency called OHM, based on the principle that money should serve the public good. Through gradual and subtle effect, OHM seeks to inspire change in the world through incentivized positivity; revolutionizing proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain technology through interactive and experimental utilitarian platforms.  Specifically, OHM upholds these values:

a. The money supply and the creation and distribution thereof should be governed democratically at the local, national, and international levels, independent of government institutions, for-profit banking systems, or central intermediaries.
b. Money is not inherently evil and should be utilized as a means to promote and engage humanitarian, environmental, and economically sustainable initiatives on an individual and global scale.
c. Assisting humanity and bettering the world should be recognized as containing value, representative of collective improvement, and individuals or entities who engage in such creative or beneficial enterprises should be rewarded for their contributions.
d. OHM maximizes efficiency by allowing individuals to control the ownership and distribution of their currency through utilization of secure, efficient, and lightweight PoS (Proof of Stake) blockchain technology, yielding self-referential systems which empower the individual maintenance of identity and asset-control.
d. OHM seeks to engage individuals in novel and experimental methods for earning cryptocurrency, developing and maintaining ARG (Alternate Reality Game) systems and social media platforms incentivizing goodwill (Acts of Kindness).

2. OHM shall study technological, legal, humanitarian, environmental, and economic issues pertaining to the management, utility, and creation of a global digital currency as described in section 1 above, and shall formulate and execute plans for related projects and products.

3. OHM shall represent the OHM Movement for monetary democracy, economic sustainability, creative expansion, and incentivized positivity at the international level.


  1. Revolutionize the blockchain industry by providing alternative means for earning decentralized currency via:
  • Acts of Kindness (AOK) Social Platform: a unique platform which provides individuals a space in which they may share their positive actions with the world. In return, each user will be rewarded for community-approved and verified positive actions. Rewards will be in the form of general accolade and specific digital currency (OHM). This platform will enable individuals to be rewarded for positive deeds which they may already be performing, and serve as an example for others to perform in a similar fashion – benefitting humanity as a whole, one “Act of Kindness” at a time. With each rewarded act a ledger expands and an interactive means for exploring humanity at it’s finest is initiated.
  • Implementation of RFID and mobile blockchain PoS technology: development of cloud-based applications which provide real-world, geocache “minting” experiences; providing digital currency with a tangible asset and functionality.
  • Utilization of Alternate Reality Games: Through experimental provisions OHM seeks to use alternative methods to deliver experiential education to the public via management, design, and implementation of ARG style storytelling. Use of ARG’s enables global activity and participation in OHM, INC’s agenda: to improve reality.
  • Engage in charitable activities: To repurpose blockchain technology to provide automated means of donation, i.e., transaction fees equate to an amount donated to a specific cause.
  • Partner with other charitable organizations: Following the solidification of OHM’s technology and presence in the cryptocurrency marketplace, OHM seeks to partner with like minded organizations and individuals who seek to better the world.