[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Kindness is a reward in and of itself. One can be kind to themselves. One can be kind to others. However, we would like to explore the concept of incentivized action in relation to blockchain technology. Your positive deed will be the transaction which builds the block. We are calling this block the Ledger.

You are a Reflection of My Reality. 
Improve Yourself & Improve the World.

Actions which we will currently add to the ledger, and for which you will be rewarded:

Anything which enhances, exercises or nourishes the Mind, Body, or Spirit.

  1. Assisting a human, in any way.
  2. Performing a Creative Act. – Art, Poetry, Public Performance.
  3. Physical activity with goals set and goals reached.
  4. Planting a tree.
  5. Developing DIY clean energy tutorials.
  6. Community/Volunteer/Charity work.
  7. Spreading awareness. There are many Truths, which do you hold dear?
  8. Standing up for something you are passionate about; i.e., writing an article about said cause.
  9. Providing a free resource (paper, webinar, podcast, etc…) on a topic of expertise for anyone seeking to learn it.
  10. Donating a service you provide free of charge to someone in need.
  11. Creating a group of individuals to achieve a common health/fitness goal, free of charge
  12. Paying for another table’s bill at a restaurant
  13. Volunteer through the nonprofit Musicians on Call to deliver live, in-room performances to patients undergoing treatment or unable to leave their beds.
  14. After a wedding or party donate all of the flowers to a nursing home.
  15. Write a letter to a deployed or wounded member of the military through Operation Gratitude.
  16. Join the bone marrow registry.
  17. Have a clean up party at a beach or park.
  18. Every day, for 4 weeks, write down 3 to 5 things for which you’re grateful.
  19. Stock a container with umbrellas and leave it at the front door of your office to be used by anyone needing one on a rainy day.
  20. Shop at a local farmer’s market, and hand deliver the groceries to a shelter.
  21. Identifying and requesting documents of interest.

A single Act will be rewarded with a single coin. There is a reason for this. We would like to start by giving One Million OHM. One Million Acts of Kindness.


Our Agenda is to Improve Reality.

Our only gain is the knowledge that you’ve participated, and attempted to make the world a better place. The implications of your involvement in our experiment extend beyond the reward you will earn from us in cryptocurrency (OHM). The worth of which is dependent upon the market and it’s volatility. Your action, reception, and participation adds a component never before introduced to back a currency.

Of course, one can not attribute a determinant monetary value on positive movements, interactions, progression, or creative action. Acts of Kindness are not Fiat Money. This being said, your Acts will remain an invaluable component in the composition of our Ledger. The scope or size of deed is irrelevant. All are equal and will be etched anonymously in our record. The results of your actions will have an immeasurable effect on the world. With, or without our involvement.



You must submit Proof of Work. It may evidence in the form of video, a link to your article/organization, a signed community service sheet, etc…If you would like to perform an Act of Kindness that is unlisted, or have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions you may contact us.

Together, we will accomplish wondrous things.