Most exchanges have a voting page to list new cryptocurrencies in the market. Some exchanges will add a new currency when enough users request it via a contact page, support ticket, or submission form. In many cases the currency must be added to the voting page prior to listing consideration.

OHM Wallet has compiled a list of possible exchanges with instruction for submitting a request, or voting (if already requested). Submit proof of your submission and we’ll send you some OHM! The more coin requests the exchanges receive from our community, the more likely we are to be added.

Thank you for your continual support!



1. Login/create account
2. Click “addcoin
2. Copy and paste the following information in the relevant field:

Name: OHM Wallet
Ticker: OHM
Algo: pure POS
Number of Blocks: Dynamic so please check the bottom right number of blocks in our explorer (see photo for example – i.e., 45694 blocks).

Money Supply: 500 Million
Min. Commission: 0.01
Block Time: 30 seconds
Dev Language: C++
Type: POS
secp25641 ver: no
Source Link:
BitcoinTalk Topic:
Email: leave blank
Comments: (Put whatever you personally want in support of the coin, or copy-paste the following:) The mission of OHM is to educate the public about the benefits of sustainable, socially impactful and environmentally friendly (green) economic systems, while promoting creativity, socio-technical innovation, and positive action via experimental platforms which recognize and reward individual and collective activities consistent with these values. OHM believes that money should serve the public good. Through gradual and subtle effect, OHM seeks to inspire change in the world through incentivized positivity; revolutionizing proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain technology through interactive and novel utilitarian applications.



  1. Login
  2. Vote (votes are limited to 1 free vote per 30 days)
  3. Or, livecoin lists new coins for 4 BTC. Donate here.



Cryptopia lists coins for a sum of DOT. Please donate DOT here.


  1. Please fill out this form:
  2. Include a brief description of why you’d like OHM added to shapeshift!