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  1. Initial Development of Project Windows, Mac, and Linux Wallet. (Complete)
  2. Launch website, expand on SEO to generate more organic traffic. (Complete)
  3. Incorporate SVV ARG into the launch of the wallet in order to gain more traction and awareness within the crypto community. (Complete)
  4. Integrate Block Explorer. (Complete)
  5. Create an organized method. Allowing the team to stay on task, organized and structured in a manner that values everyone’s input as a whole. (Complete)
  6. Find a way to automate the distribution of Ohm to SVV participants to ensure the integrity of the ARG. (Complete)
  7. Update Mac Wallet. (Complete)


  1. Find a way to globally reach others and create intrinsic value in Ohm through the contributions towards humanity. (In Progress)
  2. Implement as many ways to generate liquidity and circulation with the currency. (In Progress)
  3. Apply for listings on as many exchanges as possible. (In Progress)
  4. Initiate marketing plan, creation of social media outlets. (In Progress)
  5. Creation of Faucets to create revenue to be reinvested into the currency. (To-Do)
  6. Integrate electrum server to allow for a lightweight wallet on the Android Platform. (In Progress)
  7. Launch Android Wallet. (To-Do)
  8. Update/Develop official Ohm Discord Bots. (In Progress)
  9. Voting Campaign to create awareness. (In Progress)
  10. Target High net worth individuals and institutions in line with the main objectives of the Ohm project to raise money in order to expand marketing, development on new or original platforms, and to pay for increasing server and hosting costs. (In Progress)
  11. Find, new and cutting edge ways to develop and further our market share by adding  intelligent and like minded individuals willing to help contribute time and effort through development and marketing. (In Progress)
  12. Expand awareness of Ohm within cryptocurrency investors by utilizing promotional opportunities within the crypto community. (In Progress)
  13. Make use of tools developed to help spread Ohm to new users who may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies. (In Progress)