Project Update and Important News!

  • OHM has begun the development of a new puzzle game. We will be a first mover in this space! This new puzzle game will be a combination of skill and chance, with a bounty of OHM. There will be a new puzzle daily and, to go along with it, a channel added to the official Discord for discussion and teamwork. We’re excited to release this, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity, in keeping with our mission. Hope to see you puzzlers out here!
  • OHM has completed the Linux Wallet, and released an updated Block Explorer capable of handling the increased traffic of our growing network. Current project: electrum wallet. Do you know C++, or have experience with Electrum? Contact the Dev team here, if you’d like to volunteer a little time towards improving OHM!
  • A few members of our awesome community have informed us of what looks like a false positive within the latest Windows wallet, according to Kaspersky’s anti-virus program. We’re working diligently on this to make sure that such alerts don’t show up again. The download link will be restored once we’ve finished our thorough examination of the software.
    • UpdatedWe went over the software. Nothing was found, and there is no evidence of tampering with the DL link itself. We’ve restored the Windows download link, and have not experienced any further notifications from other software (including McAfee, Malwarebytes and Windows Defender).
  • SVV Update: Solve /human for a 7,000 OHM bounty. There’s a bounty for /pombagira as well: 14,000 OHM!
  • OHM Wallet has been approached by a venture capital firm. If this relationship develops further, it may enable exciting new projects involving our geocaching initiative and Apple’s upcoming RFID technology. More as this develops!

Thanks for reading, and as always, make sure to come back and check these updates regularly!

OhmWallet Team

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